Yes Sir,
I am Max Jarrell and I left the ship July 23'
1963 after being aboard for 3 years. I left as
a Radarman Second Class and I know that
I have spoken to you often during those years
but I can not remember which department you
were responsible for.
Things I remember were the following
Mail Drops coming with in 5 feet of the motor
whale boat
The spotting of a sub periscope of the starboard
Blasting caps igniting in the aft magazine
compartment injuring the gunnery seaman
Receiving a bad batch of weather balloon transmitters which I decided to rectify by attaching
aluminum foil covered cigarette cartons which
allowed me to track the balloon by altitude radar
up to 165 thousand feet.
Tying up in downtown Portland in which the man
overboard signal was given. My friend Jimmy
Clay was the swimmer and went overboard in
full dress uniform as he had already prepared
for Liberty call. He rescued a pregnant teenage
girl who attempted suicide by jumping from
a bridge trying to hit the bow of our ship. Someone
threw in Orange Dye Marker in the water so
Jimmy returned aboard as a Pumpkin destroying
his dress blues.
I remember my first hot dog cooked by a new
device called a "Microwave Oven" at the Seattle
World Fair
An Air Force Exercise one Sunday afternoon in which there were over
300 aircraft on my radar scope
Returning to a Fog bound San Francisco in which I was on the Radar
Scope for 3 hours giving bearings and distances to Coit tower, Alcatraz and
Treasure Island. Captain Tuttle could not see the bow so I gave course
Recommendations and alerted him to crossing Motor craft every
10 Seconds as we continued on at a speed of 2 knots
These a but a few of my memories and I thought I would share them with
you--God Bless you Sir
                                                                            Max Jarrell  RD2